Airport Strikes Threaten Holidays For Millions

Airline passengers face months of upheaval after 12,500 ground staff employed by Spanish airport, Aena, announced plans for a series of strikes.

Irish airline Ryanair fears it will have to cancel 300 flights over Easter, disrupting the plans of 57,000 people. The walkouts will begin in the run-up to Easter and will ground hundreds of flights, destroying the holiday plans of families all across the UK.

Twenty-two days of strike action have been planned, beginning on April 20th and continuing through to May and June and are scheduled to end on July 31st. To make matters worse, this strike action is set to coincide with further industrial action by British Airways cabin crew, who will be balloted on their previous striking by the Unite trade union.

Any potential Spanish walkout would affect the cheaper carriers in particular, with easyJet serving 17 Spanish airports and carrying nine million passengers to Spain each year, which is also a major destination for bmi Baby, linking Spain to Birmingham, Manchester, East Midlands and Cardiff.

Ryanair Chief executive, Michael O’Leary, said the Spanish government and the EU must block the stoppages: “Europe’s airlines and passengers suffered at the hands of air traffic control throughout 2010 and now, ahead of yet another Spanish strike”.

Earlier in the year, British Airways was hit by 22 days of strike action, leading to the withdrawal of hundreds of flights and cost the company £150 million.

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